GamePlan 2015 – Hibikipro Presents: Stella✰Beats live in KL ft. DJ Kana-chan

Stella✰Beats will be featuring Tsuzuki Kana or her DJ name, DJ Kana-chan; an idol originating from Japan. She was originally from a popular group called 愛乙 女✶DOLL (LOVELY✶DOLL). However, she is now focusing her on her solo career as a DJ.

Her playlists usually consist of Japanese pop and Dance music and a hint of latest Anisong (Japanese Animation Soundtrack).




Tsuzuki Kana @ Japan Expo



Official GamePlan 2015 website feature:


Grab your tickets (Early Bird tickets at RM20) now and see DJ Kana-chan along side with Stella✰Beats !! The tickets are selling out quickly!!


Please visit GamePlan’s official website for information and instructions on how to purchase them. Website URL:


Facebook event page: (Don’t forget to RSVP and let GamePlan know you’re attending the event!)




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