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This year, we had the honour of being part of the media team present for The Game Plan 2015, which happened at KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie campus. It was our first time covering an event at KDU, so I was undoubtedly excited to see how it would turn out.

Before I even reached the venue, I was delighted to find out that Game Plan had collaborated with MyTeksi to bring us a RM10 discount on transportation. BRAVO! You officially made this even much better for my wallet, and whoever who came up with this idea deserves a thumbs up from me! At the venue, things got even better because I was greeted with this awesome sight.

Photo credit to Malaysian Itasha Movement facebook page


These beauties were provided by the Malaysian Itasha Movement, click here to learn more about them.
As for the venue itself, it was pretty big and awesome. Lots of free space, and it felt really comfortable not having to squeeze around too large of a crowd.

The way the gaming hall was arranged was also pleasing. The whirring of the PC fans, the sound of keyboards clicking, and the live display of whatever that was going on really awakened my inner gamer. Perhaps what was missing was some random person yelling and shouting at every single thing happening on screen.



Moving onto some of the event’s highlights. Starting the event with high spirits, we had Johan AKA Handsome Voice lifting up the spirits and energy of the con-goers. As usual, his performance was awesome and filled with an intense amount of energy.

After the kickass opening performance, we were introduced to the big names whom were invited as guests – Jon Dei Goon, Yone Saizho, and the most anticipated duo, Pugoffka and Onnies! We were also given the chance to sit down with the latter two for interviews. You can check them out in the links below:


Pugoffka Interview // Onnies Interview [Unlockable on 21 and 26 November respectively]

Immediately after that was the Cosplay Competition. It was a very special competition as the winners did not only walk away with a cash prize, but the champion also got a photoshoot with the one and only Pugoffka!


The judges for the cosplay competition. From left: Jon Dei Goon, Yone Saizho, Pugoffka, Onnies


The competition was heated and tight, but there could only be one winner and Joe Yee and Nao Itazura got their well deserved win with their awesome Guilty Crown performance. Follow them on their Facebook to learn of their next performance or just to stalk them (hey, I won’t judge :p).

For more images from the prize giving ceremony, you can check out our Facebook album. We also managed to record some of the performances including the champion’s performance, which you can check out in the playlist above.
In between the performance and the prize giving ceremony, we attended the workshop for Pugoffka where she taught us a little bit about photography for all the aspiring photographers to one-up their skills.


After it all, the meet-and-greet session for both Pugoffka and Onnies was held at the auditorium. There were many eager fans lining up to get their favourite cosplayers to sign their photobooks and at the same time get a rare selfie or picture taken with them.

At the end of Day One, there was a mini concert featuring Stella Beats and DJ-Kana. However, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the event and so we can only tell you to close your eyes and imagine 3 cute girls dancing and singing on stage, filling the room with love just like the idols from Love Live. If you can’t quite imagine it, then you should check out Stella Beats and DJ-Kana the next time they in Malaysia to be able to witness their awesomeness for yourselves!


With a fresh start, Day 2 started off awesome with another meet-and-greet session with the two international guests.

Pugoffka looked mysterious and badass with that cosplay, while Onnies looked just as kawaii, if not more as compared to what she wore the day before.
After a short break, the two even had a mini event by the stage where the guests played games such as charades with the audience and just chill with the con-goers. It was really cool for them to do that and everyone seemed to enjoy it and had a good laugh together.

Other than those highlights on Day Two, there was also the main attraction of the live concert held by Stella Beats and DJ-Kana! Once again, images weren’t allowed but the concert was AWESOME, and especially perfect for people who want to experience an idol performance in real life.


Overall, I really enjoyed this event, especially the rare chance to interview famous cosplayers from overseas which was an amazing experience. Thank you to all of the organisers and committee members of this wonderful event. You guys did a great job considering it was the event’s first year. We can’t wait for the next one!

For more images from the event, check out our Facebook album here.
For a compilation of videos from the cosplay competition, check out our Youtube playlist here.
For the interview with Pugoffka, click here. [Unlockable on 21 November 2015]
For the interview with Onnies, click here. [Unlockable on 26 November 2015]


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