Guest Highlight 01:

Pugoffka (Special Guest Photographer and Cosplayer) – Ukraine

Hailing from Ukraine, Pugoffka takes the hobby of cosplay with strong dedication. A highly-skilled cosplay photographer with a great pair of eyes set on getting the best out of each camera shot, she is also an avid cosplayer whose cosplays focuses on careful-accurate portrayals of the characters. With solid years in both scene respectively, she is admired by many aspiring cosplay photographers for her skills and daringness to experiment and thriving cosplayers for her detailed craftsmanship.

Currently, she had captured more than 450 cosplay photoshoots as a photographer and around 20 costumes as a cosplayer. Her hobby had actually brought her into countless travels, meetings and photoshoots experiences with cosplayers all around the world including  Japan, Russia, China, Poland and many more. She will be having her first debut in Malaysia and SouthEast Asia so it is both Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan and Genysis’ honour to have her participate in GamePlan.

Do check out her works here: World Cosplay ( & Facebook (

Official GamePlan 2015 website feature:


Guest Highlight 02:

Onnies (Special Guest Cosplayer) – Thailand

Having been in the wonderful cosplay realm for the last 8 years, Onnies is a multi-talented cosplayer Thailand. Her name is familiar to most of Malaysia local ACG scene, has made multiple appearances in the country and all around SouthEast Asia quite frequently. thus, she is definitely recognised for her distinctively outstanding character portrayals and jolly-easygoing semblance to bring people together.

Onnies has been seen cosplaying countless characters till this date, her work acknowledged by many on her craftsmanship and also ability to be in the character as realistic as possible. She can be both a drop-dead gorgeous and enticing female characters and insanely smooth and enchanting as a male character. Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan and Genysis is honoured to have her gracing Game Plan this time ‘round.

Do check out her works here: World Cosplay ( & Facebook (

Official GamePlan 2015 website feature:


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