Hibikipro Presents: Stella✰Beats live in KL

As one of the youngest idol group from Japan, Stella✰Beats is well-known for their unique and fresh music! Consisting of four young, highly talented and not to mention bubbly ladies, Stella✰Beats firstly made their debut into the scene just a year ago in 2014. They have managed to earn a good amount of success, all due to their hard work and talent.

To date, they’ve managed to come up with two well-received singles.The first is ‘Kono Koi Wa Tomaranai’, which roughly translates into ‘Don’t stop this love’. This song dominated the number one spot on the Oricon daily chart, and was even used as the ending theme song for a show on TV Asahi. Their second song, ‘Fantastic Traveller’ was just released several months ago in May. ‘Fantastic Traveller is penned by one of the top lyricists in Japan, Yoshiyuki Kinoshita.

For more details, do check out their website: http://www.stella-beats.asia/


Interested in their energetic performances? Here are some clips for your view!


Stella☆Beats「Birth to stella




Stella☆Beats「FantasticTraveller 」


Grab your tickets (Early Bird tickets at RM20) now if you want to see their live performance!! The tickets are selling out quickly!!


Please visit GamePlan’s official website for information and instructions on how to purchase them. Website URL: http://genysis.com.my/esport/tgp/ticketing.html


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1654640571426219/ (Don’t forget to RSVP and let GamePlan know you’re attending the event!)


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