Guest cosplayer interview with Misaki and Miu at Gameplan x MSI Dragon cup


GamePlan 2016 has just kick started their event with a two-day launching event that covered both contents of anime and cosplay and also games. They featured the appearance of Miu – ミウ Cosplayer and Misaki Cosplayer, the preliminary rounds of CosLeague Cosplay Competition, two singing guests and an array of DOTA2, Hearthstone and Street Fighter V tournaments.


As it is Miu and Misaki’s first time in Malaysia, we can’t help but immediately cease the opportunity to do a one-to-one interview with the two beautiful guest cosplayers!

First off, we have Misaki who originates from Chiang Mai, Thailand. A veteran in the art of cosplay and crafting, she has known around the region for her amazingly accurate and gorgeous portrayal of Hestia from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, Elizabeth from Nanatsu no Taizai, Sinon from Gun Gale Online (SAO), Minami Kotori, Nico Yazawa and Nozomi Tojo from Love Live! and Caitlyn from League of Legends. Also, she’s been an active participant in competitions and has even made it into Thailand’s Got Talent. It isn’t the first time she had appeared in overseas events as guests but it was definitely Malaysia’s first time to have her over!


Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from Black Rabbit Photography!




Not to forget, we also have Miu who comes from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Some of her notable cosplays include Shimakaze from Kantai Collection, Sinon from Gun Gale Online (SAO), Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live, Nico Yazawa from Love Live! and also recent Internet hype, Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia! Aside from cosplaying, she is also an illustrator. Miu has also been invited to various events overseas like previously at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Otaku Expo 2015 in Philippines and AFATH 2015.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from Black Rabbit Photography!


With the heart of nervous fans, we whipped up a series of questions which we think you (and of course, ourselves) would like to know and set up a private interview courtesy of Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan. So no more rambling, let’s hear it from the guests!

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from
Black Rabbit Photography!


When did you start cosplaying and how has your cosplay changed so far?

  • Miu: She started cosplaying 3 years ago and got into it because she has always admired manga anime characters since young and thought that she would want to bring them to life. She added that she’s improved since when she started cosplaying by always checking the references and have them printed out, to make sure she has all the details of each cosplay. She then studies them carefully and begins planning her materials, make-up and costume.
  • Misaki: She started since 2008 at a small event in Thailand. The cosplay scene back then has changed quite a bit as compared to more recently. She added that back then events were small and the community was more tightly knitted where everyone was friendly when they meet each other. But now, because many cosplayers have begun to wanting to build their own fanbase and work to become idols, the fandom shifted and became a little more intimidating and cold.
    For herself, she’s happy for her personal change since she had started. Her friend who had introduced and influenced her cosplay showed her how wonderful going to events would be where you can meet people who share the same interest as you so that’s why she started cosplaying.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from Black Rabbit Photography!


What kind of characters do you usually choose when cosplaying?

  • Miu: She is generally drawn to ‘loli’ characters, i.e. usually a female or character that is between the ages of 8-16 or, looks between those ages, because she finds their costumes cute and easier to do. She added that she does not have time to make big costumes that involve extensive crafting and sewing.
  • Misaki: Recently, Misaki’s choice of characters (like many cosplayers around the world) has been heavily influenced by Love Live! She’s generally into happy-go-lucky, cute and sweet characters like Kotori Minami, Honoka Kousaka and Nozomi Tojo from Love Live. In fact, she has been extensively requested to cosplay Kotori by many event organisers who invite her to their events that she now has around 6 to 7 costumes of Kotori alone!


Is there any characters outside of your comfort zone would you like to cosplay? Do name one or two and tell us why.

  • Miu: She feels like she would want to try characters that are more complicated and larger in scale like game chars in Monster hunter, Dark Angel Olivia from Rage of Bahamut, and some League of Legend characters.
  • Misaki: On the other hand, Misaki would like to try more ‘older woman/girl characters’. As of now, she feels that her small frame and sweet-looking small face has limited her to many characters locked within the cute genre but genuinely, she would love to try stronger characters like wonder woman, scarlet witch and also male characters in anime.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from Black Rabbit Photography!


To yourself, which quality do you think is the most important thing in cosplay?

  • Both Misaki and Miu gave a generic answer. They stressed the importance on being accurate so people would recognise you as that character. For them, it is always getting the costume, wig and makeup right and on-point!


When traveling to overseas event, either just as a normal cosplayer or as a guest, How would you plan what cosplay to bring along?

  • Miu: She always had a list of what to bring. She also prepares the costume to bring according to the genre or theme of the event she gets invited to. Generally, she will start preparing the cosplay 2 to 3 weeks prior to the events she is attending.
  • Misaki: She also disclosed that her choice of cosplay to bring largely depends on the genre and theme of the event. If the event has to do with games, she will bring game characters or, if it is more towards anime, she will cosplay anime characters and same applies to if the event revolves around the western animations or games. She also adds that in Thailand, western costumes and cosplays are very expensive.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from
Black Rabbit Photography!


Since GamePlan is a anime x game convention, we thought it would be thoughtful to probe our guest more on their gaming experiences!


Do you play any games? How would you consider yourself as a gamer? (casual – hardcore)

  • Miu: She considers herself as a casual gamer who enjoys mostly offline, portable console games.
  • Misaki: On the other hand, she was even more enthusiastic to share about gaming. She is very much into online MMORPGS like DOTA 2, League of Legends. She added that she used to be in a team for tournaments for League of Legends. But now, she considers herself as just a casual gamer who game for fun and leisure.


Which platform are do you game on (PC/XBOX/PlayStation)? And Why do you have them?

  • Miu: Since she was more into offline games, she prefers to play console games like Monster Hunter, mainly Nintendo games on her Nintendo DX and also the PSVITA. She prefers the easy, compact and convenient hand-held console for its portability so she can whip it up for a short game whenever she feels like it!
  • Misaki: She is generally more into using the PC because the games she prefer are generally only supported by the PC system.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from
Black Rabbit Photography!


What types of games do you normally play?

  • Miu: She is more into anime genre games and she seems to be a very big fan of Monster Hunter for she had mentioned it over and over again in almost the whole interview. So let’s hope we get to see a Monster Hunter cosplay from her soon!
  • Misaki: However, she is mainly into online MMORPGS because the characters’ beautiful design attracts her a lot. She adds that, in Thailand, if one wants to cosplay a certain game character, it is encouraged that he or she has had experience playing the game where the characters originate. Also, she enjoys online games more because she like the thrill and fun that comes with its unpredictability when you play with other people.


If given a choice to pick a video game character that you like, who (from which game) would you choose? And why?

  • Miu: She would love to try cosplay characters from Monster Hunter because as she played the game, she became deeply attracted to their elaborated designs and precision and said that she would one day attempt to make the costume pieces when she can.
  • Misaki: She was quite certain that she would love to attempt Lightning from the Final Fantasy series because she perceives Lightning as a smart and beautiful lady, who looks like she can kick some ***. But she paused and added that she may not do her because if she does, she will be Lightning “version cute”.

Photo Credits to Thomas Kuan from
Black Rabbit Photography!

Finally, we also asked both the guest to leave a message for all their fans and especially those who came to see and meet them at the GamePlan Launching event.


Miu and Misaki both exclaimed that they were very happy that all their fans took their time off and came to Plaza Low Yat to meet them in person and that their first time in Malaysia was wonderful because of you (their fans). They also added that they hope to see you guys again!


Kudos, Malaysian fans! Senpai Miu and Misaki has noticed you (us)!



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